Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saturday Morning Snapshot #4

So not how I expected to spend the long weekend. Post will be up when all this is over. Sigh.

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Flashback Friday #37

15 September 2011: Blake developed a slight fever after taking his vaccination. He was upset that we put the cooling patch on him, but was still in good spirits!

And in line with the new linky, Friday Five, here are my five tips on vaccination/caring for a sick baby:
1. Bring extra plaster to replace the one the doctor pasted after about 15 minutes. It's usually soaked with blood by then!

2. Have cooling gel patches ready for the onslaught of fever! The bigger the patch, the better. The longer it says it stays cool on the package, the better too!

3. If the cooling gel patch fail to stick on, like they are supposed to, use cute kiddy plasters to hold it down!

4. When feeding medication, use a syringe and put it at the back of your child's mouth, aiming for the side of the throat. Remember to squirt in a little at a go. Shooting it all at once might risk choking your child or having your child spit everything out!

5. Let your child sleep as much as he/she wants, but if they are up for food and play, give it to them! :D

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tree & Bee Giveaways 2!

It's back, and it's a year older!

Yes! Tree&Bee is back to give my readers more awesome accessories, and this time round, it's from their newly launched premium collection!

The premium collection offers 18K Gold plated accessories, consisting of necklaces and earrings.

Baby Dumbo Necklace
Anyone, and I really mean anyone, will be able to wear this and look oh-so-sweet!

Birdy Necklace
There is just something about this necklace that got to me.
It kind of feels like how I am ready to spread my wings when my children are.

Nicole Kitty Earring
Oh, what can I say? A lady can never have to too much bling :P

Precious Owl Earring
One word. Gorgeous.


The lovely owners of Tree&Bee are giving away two lovely necklaces from their premium collection, and one of them is already sold out on their website!

Left: Galaxy Gem Necklace (already sold out!), Right: Love Letter Necklace

Close ups:

Galaxy Gem Necklace: 18K gold plated necklace & Stardust suspended in glass

Love Letter Necklace: 18K gold plated

To win either of these necklaces, it's really simple. Just follow these steps!

1. 'Like' Tree & Bee's facebook page (optional)
2. 'Like' my facebook page, Amazingly Still (optional)
3. And leave a comment on this post with your email address
Remember to tell me which necklace you hope to win!

Giveaway closes 7th April, 11.59pm! So hurry!!

Winners will be determined through a lucky draw
Contest winners must have a Singapore address for the items to be mailed to

*All images, except those taken of the giveaway items, rightfully belong to Tree&Bee.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Honey Tree Family Day 2013

My Saturday Morning Snapshot post last weekend mentioned that Blake and I attended his school's family day for the first time. Here's what happened. Haha.

It was a super early start to the day, even earlier than his regular school hours. I also had Blake drink his milk before leaving the house because who knows when we'll get to eat, right? On normal school days, Blake will have his breakfast in school. I stopped giving him milk cos he regurgitated daily after every morning feed at one point.

So anyway, once that was all settled, we left home. The sky was beautiful that morning.

The initial plan was for me to drive my dad's car, and have it returned before he needs it later that morning. But to play safe, I messaged my dad the night before (close to midnight!) to ask if he could send us there instead, and we will make our own way home. I don't really enjoy being rushed for anything, you see. Haha.

So at 7.20am, my dad picked us up and drove us to the field near Blake's school, where the event was held. Blake slept throughout the journey. He was very tired!

My dad :)

We were one of the first few to reach, and the place has yet to be set up. Blake began to explore the place. He had found it rather strange that he woke up and saw a field rather than his school gates. Haha. It took him a while be aware of his surroundings, but soon, he was all over the place - running, jumping, climbing!

Grabbed him for a couple of shots before he couldn't take it. Haha!

Everyone was busy setting up while Blake was busy exploring the place

Close to an hour later, we were all gathered in the field for the morning warm up exercise, before the games begin.

We were asked to spread out to prevent hitting one another, but seems like only Blake and I did. Haha! We stood under the shade of trees! :P

Stretch your arms!

Now your shoulders!

Shake your hips!

Shake, Shake, Shake!

After the morning exercise was done, it was play time! But by this time, Blake was bored of the field already. We only managed to play one game before he decided it was time to go. Haha.

Blake demonstrated how to play this game with his teacher

After we left, we made a slow walk to the bus stop, where Blake stopped at every parked car along the road to call out the colours. It was really funny! We also saw a white crane in the big drain!

Soon, we were on the bus home and this was when Blake replenished himself with water, and rested. After we got off the bus, we went to the playground (empty!) and Blake continued playing.

After playing for about 30-45 minutes, I bribed him with a lollipop to go home. I couldn't take it anymore. I had to go home to rest! And so, that concludes our first school family day. Hopefully, we will be able to play more than one game next year! Haha!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

7am on Saturday

It's 7am on a Saturday morning, and Blake's in his school uniform. Why?! you asked?

Well, Blake and I attended his school's family day for the first time! Haha!

Full story in next entry. For now, mother and son needs a nap... *yawn*

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Flashback Friday #36

9 December 2006 - That's the day Sean and I went through the traditional Chinese customary wedding, and on the same night, our wedding banquet.

So many fond memories from that day, but here are the top ten highlights! All of which I can still remember very, VERY, clearly! Haha.

Moment #1:

Before Sean could enter the room I was in (after finishing all the games), my mom said he had to finish a cup of bitter tea to signify 先苦后甜(loosely translated: bitter first, sweet later). My mom had put a bunch of tea leaves in the small cup, only to realize after Sean finished the cup, that she only needed 2-3 pieces of the bitter tea leaves in a tea pot to achieve the bitterness! Haha. I cannot imagine how that drink must have tasted that day!

Moment #2:

Our wedding car was Sean's old sports two-seater (which we bade farewell to just before Blake was born), and it was really difficult to get in and out off with my wedding gown! And this was with the smallest/flattest/thinnest crinoline/petticoat!

Moment #3:

We took some time to drop by Bedok Reservoir Park (yes, the infamous one - it's very, very near our place!) to take some wedding photos and as it turns out, there were tents and decorations set up for an event that day. And since there weren't anyone around the tent, we took photos with the balloon columns that were placed outside. Haha!

Moment #4:

We were about to leave the park for my in-law's when the photographer said the road within the car park was clear, so we could take photos with the car. We basically took photos until a lorry came from behind before leaving. Haha!

Moment #5:

Tossing of the bouquet! I had specially requested that the tables near the stage be placed further apart so that I can have this! I did it for fun actually. Hahaha. Only on the 3rd try did someone catch it. First time, I tossed it too high, but not far enough. Didn't even go pass the stage, I think. Haha! Second time, it landed on the floor with no one near it. Too funny! By the third time, the bouquet was pretty much smashed. Hahaha!

Moment #6:

I was quite excited for the popping of the champagne, but when I was passed a glass of it, I immediately turned to Sean and asked, "Do I really have to drink it?" He told me to just take a sip at most before this photo was taken. Just in case you didn't know, I don't drink alcohol. All too bitter for my liking. The only alcoholic drink I remember being very sweet and nice tasting was Frangelico.

Moment #7:

Then came all the alcoholic games and whatnots that usually comes after the champagne toast. Remember earlier I mentioned I don't drink alcohol? Well, see above pictures when I was told to drink up, and when my elder sister came to my rescue. Haha!

Moment #8:

I enjoy teasing my little cousin Nicole when she was a toddler. When she was three, and you asked her how old she was, she would reply, "T year old!" Haha.

Moment #9:

I was given the challenge of kissing my cousin, Evelyn. So like a crazed bride, I pounced, and my prey fell. Didn't get to kiss her. And she thought she was off the hook, until...

Moment #10:

Haha! What a bride wants, a bride gets! :P