Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tree & Bee Giveaways 2!

It's back, and it's a year older!

Yes! Tree&Bee is back to give my readers more awesome accessories, and this time round, it's from their newly launched premium collection!

The premium collection offers 18K Gold plated accessories, consisting of necklaces and earrings.

Baby Dumbo Necklace
Anyone, and I really mean anyone, will be able to wear this and look oh-so-sweet!

Birdy Necklace
There is just something about this necklace that got to me.
It kind of feels like how I am ready to spread my wings when my children are.

Nicole Kitty Earring
Oh, what can I say? A lady can never have to too much bling :P

Precious Owl Earring
One word. Gorgeous.


The lovely owners of Tree&Bee are giving away two lovely necklaces from their premium collection, and one of them is already sold out on their website!

Left: Galaxy Gem Necklace (already sold out!), Right: Love Letter Necklace

Close ups:

Galaxy Gem Necklace: 18K gold plated necklace & Stardust suspended in glass

Love Letter Necklace: 18K gold plated

To win either of these necklaces, it's really simple. Just follow these steps!

1. 'Like' Tree & Bee's facebook page (optional)
2. 'Like' my facebook page, Amazingly Still (optional)
3. And leave a comment on this post with your email address
Remember to tell me which necklace you hope to win!

Giveaway closes 7th April, 11.59pm! So hurry!!

Winners will be determined through a lucky draw
Contest winners must have a Singapore address for the items to be mailed to

*All images, except those taken of the giveaway items, rightfully belong to Tree&Bee.


  1. Love Letter Necklace.... It is so BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. Galaxy gem necklace because it exudes mystery!!!

  3. Definately love the Galaxy gem necklace becoz it looks so classy :)
    Email: amycpj@gmail.com

  4. Love Letter Necklace!
    Makes me ponder when will I received my first letter from my children.

  5. I like the Galaxy Gem! Very nice!!!

  6. Galaxy Gem Necklace as it looks so lovely and irresistible.

  7. Cute! I'd love the love letter necklace! :)

  8. I'd love the owl necklace. This is actually for a friend of mine who's daughter's name actually translates into "owl". Thanks for this! :)

    1. Hi June!

      Thanks for dropping by :)

      Only the Galaxy Gem Necklace and Love Letter Necklace are up for grabs. The owl is a pair of earrings which can be found on their website, www.treenbee.com :)

    2. oic silly me. I'll go for the love letter necklace then. Thanks!

    3. Hehe, ok! But I'll run the idea of having Owl accessories/items for the next giveaways to the owners! :)

      Thanks once again!

  9. I'd love to have the Galaxy gem necklace! Have liked both pages.
    email add: annnsh@gmail.com

  10. I would love the galaxy gem necklace! looks like something pretty that you could still wear everyday :) Liked both pages too.
    mysmallthings [at] gmail [dot] com

  11. I would love the love letter necklace! Have liked both pages.

    My email is anuggetofjoy@gmail.com

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  12. The galaxy gem necklace is simple and classy - I like!

    Email: weizjourney@gmail.com

  13. I luv the love letter necklace! It's cute!


  14. Love letters are so yummy! :D and I love the fact that the necklace will always remind me of the little letters my little girl and I write to each other through the home postal service, a little "postbox" stuck at the back of our front door :)