About Me

Hi there,

I'm Mabel J

Thank you for dropping by!

You might have noticed that a good majority of my blog entries are about moments in my family life, which I share with my husband - Sean, son - Blake, and daughter - Nakayla. I do blog about things that are not related to my family life from time to time. Usually, these would be stuff that interest me, or have caught my curious attention.

Do read my introductory post here to learn more about how all of this started.

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The blog's name, Amazingly Still, came about while I was talking to a friend about needing a new blog name. These two words came up in our conversation when we were talking about my old blog on tumblr, Growing Up with Blake. I thought of how apt these two words were for my new blog cos I simply love taking photos and videos!

Not only do the moments captured on camera last forever (as long as I back them up!), but it brings back so many memories when I look back :) And even after years and years have gone by, looking back at all these, the feeling is still as amazing as when it just happened!

♥  ♥  ♥

Some fun facts about me:

♡ Married to the most amazing man, Sean, since October 2005, who's super hands-on with both our babies!

♡ 9 September 2010 - the day my baby boy, Blake, arrived and made me a mother

♡ 21 November 2012 - the day my baby girl, Nakayla, arrived and made Blake a big brother

♡ Left my first real job at Mediacorp TV in February 2010 to be a housewife and work-at-home mom when we found out about our first pregnancy

♡ Launched my own little home business, Ribbons and Tape, in February 2011

♡ Have been working for La Canine Coupes from home since July 2011