Friday, February 22, 2013

Flashback Friday #32

29 August 2011: After our visit to Singapore Philatelic Museum, and lunch at Pasta Mania, we made our way to the Peranakan Museum. Both museums are relatively near each other, so it was perfect to visit them both on the same day! Hehe.

We did not spend as much time as we would like there, because by the time we reached, we only had 1-2 hours to walk around before closing time! Yes, we were cutting it really close. Haha.

Blake enjoyed playing with all the different types of telephones on display. There were recordings on the telephones, and would play the moment you picked it up. He enjoyed it so much, we spent the most time in that area! Haha.

We stopped to look at areas that really caught our interests, or Blake's. The rest, we pretty much just rushed through because of the time constrain we had. I don't even think we finished exploring the museum before the announcement of the museum closing was made! When the announcement was made, we made our way out.

When we left, we had to be escorted out a different route, cos most of the exits were closed already. Haha. And, from the looks of it, it seems like the museums will be opened for free entry every August!

We gave the museums a miss this year, but I hope to visit more museums next year, with Blake and his little sibling! :D

Museum Opening Hours:
Monday: 1pm to 7pm
Tuesday to Sunday: 9am – 7pm (to 9 pm on Fridays)

For more information, visit

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chinese New Year 2013

It's been a week since the start of Chinese New Year, and so far, things have been going great. It has also been raining a lot since! Year of the Water Snake indeed. Haha.

This year's Chinese New Year is like any other, with the exception to having one more in the family! :D

Let's start with reunion dinner on 9 February.

Before leaving home, we got the children to dress in traditional-looking clothes. Blake wore the same outfit as the one he wore to school on Racial Harmony Day, while Nakayla wore a one-piece romper my mom had bought specially for her.

We then headed over to my in-laws place for our annual reunion dinner first. It's getting tougher and tougher to sit down and eat as a family. Blake kept wanting to get up and play with whatever he could find in the house. He seems more excited about the place than eating. And next year, Nakayla will be most likely join in too. Haha. Just as well, we would need that workout with all the feasting we were having!

Family photo from reunion dinner

After dinner at my in-laws, we headed over to my mom's place. Sean, Blake and Nakayla all fell asleep upon reaching, while I helped around the house, to get the place ready for the next few days of celebration. After Nakayla woke up for milk, we went home.

Day 1, 10 February: Woke up and immediately started buzzing around the house getting ready. I remember it was raining that morning, and I was wondering if we should only head out after the rain stop, but it stopped before we were even close to making it to the door. Haha.

First of the two stops that day was my mom's place. We would usually take family photos, and a big one with all in, but with one after another going overseas for work or study, it was getting difficult. So this year, the family photo-taking session took a backseat. I couldn't help but think back to Nakayla's full month. Everyone was present! Everyone came back to see her! We should've taken family photos then! Oh well, that time is over. I'm still very touched that everyone made time in their schedule to celebrate Nakayla's first month :) I'm pretty sure there will be plenty of photo-ops to come!

Here are some photos from the first day:

Don't need to guess who was the star of the day! Hehe.

Steamboat, an integral part of Chinese New Year. The pot just keeps cooking. Haha.

And those who weren't eating at the table with the steamboat, were feasting on Chinese New Year goodies, all packed in transparent and red containers.

My boys tucked themselves away in my mom's room to play games

Nakayla was drinking her milk when I thought, "great for a family photo here!"
Didn't turn out to be that ideal. Haha.

Gave up trying to capture all four of us on my own

Decided to get my cousin to help with the photo-taking. Haha!

Have absolutely no idea how to get Blake to look into the camera...

About an hour or so later, some of them left for more visiting. Those who stayed behind either went to take a nap, or played mahjong. I played with my two cousins and aunt. We don't play with money, it was really more of having fun and passing time. And yes, we're not very good players too. Haha. It was pretty hilarious. I remember my younger cousin winning most of the time, and I commented that it was because she was sitting in front of the window, and it was raining outside. Some people believe that water means fortune. And when the rain stopped, she stopped winning. My aunt, when she has yet to win a single game, said that she will go to the toilet to change her luck, also a thing that some believe will aid in a change of luck. She returned and won. Coincidences for both cases, I guess. Haha.

When dinner time came, we made our way to my grandma's place. It was raining again, so we drove my dad's car over. Everyone else had walked over, and my dad told us to take the car with the two children. So sweet :)

Only one photo was taken that evening, cos we were all busy eating and chit-chatting. Haha!

Days two and three were spent at home, playing with the children. It was a good time to catch up on every hour of lost sleep. Haha.

On the 7th day of Chinese New Year, my mom held another reunion dinner with my dad's side of the family. My sister had invited some of the ASEAN scholars in her class to join us. We usually have Yu Sheng, which my dad calls 'Chinese Salad', on the following weekend of Day 1. Haha. We arrived pretty late that day cos I was busy preparing things for the next day. We were going to celebrate my grandma's birthday! Hardly took any photos that night cos the place was packed.

8th day of Chinese New Year was also probably the last day of celebrations for us. We gathered at my grandma's place for lunch/tea.

Baked a cake for my grandma's birthday

And another for my aunt, who's birthday was a few days before

The feast we had

That is just about all the things we did, during the past week of Chinese New Year. Haha. Happy Year of Water Snake, everyone! :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Flashback Friday #31

29 August 2011: We went to the Singapore Philatelic Museum! Yup, fully utilizing the month of free entry to museums in Singapore. Hehe.

Blake loved it here! The only trouble we had was the stairs. We had to carry his stroller up and down a very narrow staircase cos they didn’t have a lift. Thankfully, it wasn’t that crowded and we managed to go and up without injuring anyone in the process. They had tons of exhibitions involving rabbits too! It was the year of the Rabbits (according to the Zodiac), and I loved it! Hehe.

Stopped to take a family photo when we found this pretty little garden along the way!

Yes! That's where we're heading!

And we're here!

No idea what it is with boys and gears. Blake got super excited when he saw the gears on the wall and immediately wanted to get out of his stroller to play. Haha.

One of Blake's very favourite! I think cos it's really colourful. And he knows it's food-related. Yup, my boy loves his food. Hehe.

What a cute stamp this would make! Hehe.


Moving onto the second level of the museum...

There's a mirror at this section, and Blake was busy playing peek-a-boo with himself for quite a while. Haha. Hilarious!

Lovely, lovely little models of post/mail boxes used through the years. It's all so cute! Was pretty tempted to buy one home from the souvenir shop, but decided against it. Knowing myself, if I were to get one, I'll have to get them all!

Blake's favourite section of all! The one with all the air planes :D

After seeing and exploring the entire museum, we went off for a late lunch at Pasta Mania. I remember this very clearly, cos it's very unlike Sean to be the one suggesting going to places like Pasta Mania for a meal (he's not a big fan of pizza and pasta, but I am!), and Blake tried a new dish that day, and loved it! Cheese sticks! Hehe.

Ending this long Flashback Friday post with one of my favourite photos from that day J

Museum Opening Hours:

1.00pm - 7.00pm

Tuesday - Sunday
9.30am - 7.00pm

For more information, visit

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

iBaby App

About a week after my confinement lady left, I realized I had trouble remembering when the last time Nakayla had her milk, or when she last had her diaper change, or when she last pooped. I had told Sean about it, and how awesome it will be if there was something I could use to chart all these down without me having to do much! We had used the old school method of paper and pen previously with Blake.

A couple of hours later, he sent me a message and told me to try out iBaby on my mobile phone. He had gone to search in the world of Android for a suitable app for me! :D

After checking the app out, I thought I should go do more research myself, and find the most suitable baby tracking app for me to use. I downloaded a couple more free baby tracking apps and tested all of them out that afternoon.

I have to say, each app has their own pros and cons, and the one that suits me the most was iBaby. This is EXACTLY like how I shop for anything! I always end up with the very first item that I see, after going round and round looking at other similar items. I guess knowing that I have the very one thing that suits me the best will set my mind at ease using it.

Here's a basic look through of how the app works.

Just look at that cute little sleeping baby icon! Hehe.

How it normally looks like when I open the app

I love the fact that I can customize the tabs on the top to suit my requirements.
Removing those that I don't need.

They also have a section where they will tell you what to expect, based on the age of your child!

If you have more than one child, like me, this app will also allow you to add children and swop between their individual profiles!

Blake's profile is specifically added to track his growth. Hehe.

They even have charts!

I personally enjoy using this app to keep up with both my children. If you're having trouble keeping track of your baby's daily activities and growth progress like me, you might want to give this app a try! The best part is, this app is free! So there is absolutely no harm trying it at all :D