Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bathing the Baby

The first three weeks since giving birth, I have never bathed for Blake. It was my grandma who had been doing it for me. I was a little afraid, and with me still in confinement, I'm supposed to touch water as little as possible.

On the first day of the last week of confinement, my grandma told me to watch and learn how to bath for Blake for when we return home. The next day, she asked me to give it a go, but I didn't dare to. I never dared to until we really went home, and I had no choice but to bath for Blake on my own. I even thought of bringing Blake over every single day to have my grandma bath for him! I laugh at that thought now, but I remember being very serious about it then.

Cleaning his ears, face, and washing his hair were the starters. These are all done before Blake goes into the bath tub, which was set on top of our sink. Diaper will be kept on until the very moment before he goes in. We don't want any accidents - big or small! After which, Blake goes into tub!

His mittens are kept on throughout most of time as he had the tendency of scratching himself. I guess most babies behave this way? The mittens only come off to have his hands washed just before he comes out of the tub.

It wasn't so tough, actually. I just needed confidence and practice. Gradually, bathing for Blake became an easy task. And it only got easier!

Bath time on weekends are all done by the super hands-on daddy! :)

Blake started to take showers instead, like a big boy, after turning 13 months old! :D

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