Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Week of Partying

Just a short post for this weekend.

With Blake’s birthday coming up (he’s turning 2!), I have a really busy week ahead of me!

I have to prepare for not one, but TWO birthday parties this year – one in school, and one at home. On top of that, the day we will be celebrating his birthday in school, is also the day the school will be celebrating teacher’s day!

I’m also attending my boss/friend’s baby girls’ first month celebration this weekend.

Gifts all around for everyone!

Here’s what I bought and put together for my boss/friend’s baby girl’s first month celebration. My version of a baby diaper cake:

And, a sneak preview of the party favor boxes I made for Blake’s birthday party in school (50 in total!):

Have yet to start work on his teachers’ day gifts (got to make 10!), and party favors for his party at home (at least 30!). Oh, the rush! Wish me luck!

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